It is here! Relaunching our new website!

relaunchWe are excited to announce the relaunch of our brand new website for Namib Naukluft Habitat and its two establishments: Namib Naukluft Lodge and Soft Adventure Camp. The updated website includes a gallery of recent photos of our establishments and a virtual tour powered by Google Maps where you can virtually walk in and around the lodge and the camp including rooms, dining areas and the pools. This virtual tour will make sure you have an amazing experience in NNL or SAC before your arrival! We are happy to have a new wordpress blog! We will be sharing recent updates and stories from Namib Naukluft Habitat.

Moreover, the availability of our establishments can be check via Nightsbridge and you can complete your bookings online available anytime through same portal. Direct Bookings via our central office has been powered by African Extravaganza which you can contact by filling out form online.

For booking requests and inquiries, you can fill out the forming available in our new web page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected!

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Best spot to experience the living desert. Stunning scenery and vibrant wildlife invite you to collect unforgettable memories!